Ian McGregor


In A Few Words

Now based full time in Bulgaria, but originally from Yorkshire, England. Ian is an experienced photographer who has a passion for creating storytelling images (either as single images, photo essays, or as composites through his photo art and poster design).

He started his photographic adventure at the tender age of thirteen ­(using an old Praktica camera) and learning the basics from his father, plus lots of trial and error. Since then he has freelanced for newspapers, spent time taking photos on the European Golf tour (Ladies and Men) and far too much time in the corporate world.

Ian is a keen sports and events photographer who is also fascinated by what happens behind the scenes in many different situations (industry, theater, cinema - this probably started when his father used to take him to watch the testing of packaging machinery where he worked). Ian now creates storytelling images from a wide variety of different situations.

Recently graduating from the Film Stills Academy with Nicola Dove and after having been on-set several times he is keen to further develop his career as a Unit Stills Photographer.

When not chasing his career Ian can usually be found creating images either at the side of a sports pitch, at local folklore events, or walking through the beautiful Bulgarian countryside with his wife and white Labrador "Maya".